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Vada Pochae!

July 10, 2010

The story of the going vada!

Vadai is a south-Indian snack… a savory snack to be more precise. Pochae is a tamil word meaning gone. Like for instance, Gone with the Wind can be translated as kaathoda pocahe, where pochae is gone and screw kaathoda for the time being.

Now after pochae with the wind, if any of you are thinking about a similar biological phenomenon where you leave something that goes with the wind, you are what I would define as an echakala eethara!

Now that we have wiped that issue off our hands, let me enlighten you about the origins of this phrase. (kelambittaaingayya * 2)

Once upon a time there was an aayah.

Aayah, up until recently was used to refer to a person’s grandmother, not just the females in schools or other places who maintain your bathrooms for you or the derogatory sense in which it is used today.

So yeah, this aayah took great pride in her abilities to prepare the best vadas in the surrounding 18 pattis. She was so proud of her vadas that she would sit there making them all day and eating them all by herself.

Historians have tried for eons to find out whether she has had any customers but no luck. They seemed to have hit a solid wall beyond once upon a time there was an aayah! Thus the conclusion that she ate all her vadais.

A kaka (crow) saw this aayah and her vadais and his beak began watering. I must use my ability of flight, flick a vadai and enjoy it in the topmost branch of one of the trees that abound the forest, he thought. So the kaka went zzzzooing in a dive, of which a fighter plane would have been proud, put mud in the aayah’s  eyes and successfully grabbed a vada.

Tada…mission accomplished. He perched himself on the highest branches of a tree and was about to dig in when he heard someone calling him.

“Yo kaka! kaka!” (it was a fox, standing at the foot of the tree)

Balancing the vadai on the side of his beak, the kaka goes “You talking to me?”

“Who else do you think?”, asked the fox.

“How is one supposed to know you dumbass! kaka is a common noun. You could be calling my great grandfather for all I know”, retorted the kaka.

“Oh dear bird, forgive me if I have offended you. I hear that you have the most beautiful of voices and can sing the best of songs. Sing one for me?”, said the fox.

The crow glanced down at the fox, took the vadai from his beak, placed it under his foot and sang a..well cawed. The fox was taken aback.

“How did you get so clever? My mama told me how she fooled yo mama by using this technique”, said the fox.

To this, the kaka replied, “Only you have a mama or what?” and the fox looked up at the sky and said : Vada Pochae!

Tank you! Tank you!

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  1. Senthil permalink
    July 17, 2010 5:47 pm

    like this kakka story very much..especially the kakka is noun :))

  2. July 18, 2010 3:59 am


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