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Chippu my ass!

July 10, 2010

To the uninitiated, chippu is a term I coined in one of my movies for using in a punch line which goes like : Chipu vandhuruchu chippu! It is a different way of pronouncing the Tamil word “sirippu” which means laughter. It is a world known fact that I make people laugh. But here is something which I read recently in a magazine which made my stomach ache, mainly because I laughed so hard!

The penultimate line in the previous paragraph is what, we in Tamil Nadu, refer to as vetti bandha. It is a simple combination of two terms vetti and bandha, but the situations to which it can be applied are infinite. Vetti literally means jobless and bandha is slang for show-off (also peela, peter etc.). Since I am jobless and showing off my own prowess by stating then and now again that I make people laugh, it is known as vetti bandha. To know about another kind of vetti bandha, read on…

There is this guy. Now our guy is the founding member of this party. This party has now joined forces with this party. And I read an interview given by our guy recently. Our guy is very head-strong. He had once claimed that he will never form alliances with other parties. But sadly, he seems to have realized that there is no point in him being in politics without an alliance.

“We have 15% of the votes. We are a force to reckon with. While forming the alliance, I asked for 132 seats for my party. They refused. But after a bit of struggling and haggling, I managed to make them accept to offer my party a slightly lesser number of seats, 32. This shows the magnanimity and the golden heart of the mother, who is the other party’s chief.”

Forget the fact that 32 is slightly lesser than 132. Read the next sentence again. If I remember right, our guy has torn to shreds this mother of whose magnanimity and heart, he spoke so highly of. And haggling? Seriously, blaady paalitics! dirrtty paalitics!

After reading this piece of vetti bandha, “chippu vandhuruchu chippu”!

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  1. Senthil permalink
    July 17, 2010 5:54 pm

    ayyo ayyo

  2. July 18, 2010 3:59 am

    nandri…en pugalai parappungal!

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